u i and love

a tale of two hearts


February 25th

With each year that passes, we in a sense pass. We are no longer the people we were a year ago. 
Becoming a mother, losing a mother, birthing a child, burying a child. 
Walking through things like that change us at a cellular level. 
We are no longer the family we were and there is both pain and beauty in that. 

Dad's birthday is no longer what it once was and there is both pain and beauty in that.

I was going to do two posts with these photos. One remembering Tanya and once celebrating Dad because I know death makes us all feel uncomfortable and we're not use to looking at photos of a birthday cake next to photos of a grave. But then I wondered "Why is that? And who exactly is going to benefit from me posting them separately?" 

 I'm proud and blown away at how courageously and gracefully Mum and Dad have lead us in holding the tension of both the pain and beauty of this day. It's something I want Lucas and Esther to grown up knowing. I want them to know that they come from a family with strength and resilience, that they have what it takes to walk through life without numbing, avoiding or denying their pain. That they are brave enough to stare it in the face and to continue marching on, marching on to face their fears and to savour the joys that await them.

Marc and Madeline

Marc and Madeline, there is so much I admire and respect about these two. They are some of the most talented and hardworking individuals I know but what I find most impressive about them is the way they press into their gig as parents. They love these two little humans - a lot!

You see it in the way they look at them, the way they take the time to listen and laugh at their little jokes, the way they seek out new experiences for them, the way they sacrifice their personal ambitions so they don't miss too much of this season. They have so much joy, patience and admiration for these little humans they have created and it's so inspiring to be around.

Max, Soph, may you grow up always certain of how loved you have always been!