u i and love

a tale of two hearts

Yu family


In a world that is constantly moving, overcrowded and complicated, creating moments of stillness, space and simplicity are small acts of rebellion.

When I think of going to the snow I think of big days! Days where I wake up and am itching to get to the slopes. Where everyone is moving too slow for my liking because we have to get there NOW. Where I snack and eat on a chair lift and the day isn't over until the very last chair lift has shut down. 

This year was my act of rebellion - against me. 

We lingered, we cooked, we ate meals around a table, we watched the sun rise* and set. We drank wine, took long baths, sat around a fire and gazed up at the stars together and it was so good.  

The snow was great too but I'll save those photos for another time.

Gili Islands and Bali

So excited to head back here in a few weeks time.

For those interested we visited two islands, Gili Trelagan ( The Pearl of Trawangan) and Nusa Lembongan (Batukarang) on this trip. We ended our trip with 2 nights on Bali and we stayed at the Bali Safari Marine Park  for the entire two days.