a tale of two hearts

love is like a letter wrote

"love is like a letter wrote
and life is like an envelope
you can choose who you give it to
but you can't choose who will give it to you"
matt corby
I'm so glad we got to catch up and that I could be there for her this weekend.

Ps: Remember a while back I wanted us to go for a picnic near my parents place (and then I got carried away with work). Well this was the spot I had in mind. We'll have to go there when the weather warms up again.

brad's birthday 2012

I could not think of a better way to celebrate your dad's birthday! I'm hoping it's the first of many birthday weekends to come. 

Your family is da-coolest.

changing sides

 Never thought I'd actually see "Changing Sides" performed. So incredibly proud of her!
I'll remember this night for a long long time- I'm still smiling... hours after!

marry the right one

Interesting article's here and here on Sheryl Sandberg and work-life balance for working mums. She's the facebook lady I've mentioned in the past, some of her wise words below. 

"The most important thing -- and I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it a hundred times -- if you marry a man, marry the right one" Sheryl Sandberg
I think we can both agree- you're definetly the right one.

caine's archade

I can't tell you how happy it made me watching this with you the other night!

my neuroscinece is your micro payment

You rabbit on about "micro payments" while I rabbit on about neuroscience.

And on that point, I know you'll be really excited to read this and this article (oh and this). The first two really are worth reading/skimming through. Incase you don't get a chance to do that here is essentially the gist of what they are all saying.
"Traditionally, social and emotional competencies have been transmitted and acquired within the context of stable and functional family and community environments.However increasing family breakdown, serial changes in adult partnerships, and the more limited role of the extended family, plus the effects of deprivation, increase the chances that this home ‘tuition’ cemented by love, approval and affection is absent.
Given the shifting societal context, if education is to achieve the goal of promoting equality of opportunity, it is a matter of social justice that education providers consider the development of social and emotional competencies as being at the heart of their role."

pictures of you

So we're in Paris this month. This is the image of you that sits next to my calender at work.

the brain on love

I came across this article by Diane Ackerman in the NY times the other day and there was a line in there that made me think of how much a hug from you relaxs me...

“If you’re in a healthy relationship, holding your partner’s hand is enough to subdue your blood pressure, ease your response to stress, improve your health and soften physical pain. We alter one another’s physiology and neural functions.”

picnic with the meller's and donnelly's

How sweet is little taylor!

What a great afternoon, it was so lovely catching up with these guys. Just look at Kirk with taylor...makes me smile :D

You are going to make a great dad one day, I recon you'll be as great a dad as you are husband!

smiles from kaden

The little man is now smiling!

meeting kaden robert

6th February 2012: Kaden arrived. A few days later we were walking up to the hospital to meet him. I had butterflies, I turned to you and said "I'm so nervous, I've never felt like this before when visiting a new born...I'm about to meet for the first time a person that I'm going to know for the rest of my life...I hope he like me". I'm so excited that we get to watch this little guy grow into a man. 

Isn't love remarkable. Because two incredible people loved one another we now get to know and love Kaden.

an autumn lunch jude and andy

A perfect autumn afternoon. Jude and Andy spoilt us with great food, views and company!

saturday breakfast

...what shall we cook for everyone this saturday morning??

pizza with the parry's

Dinner with the Parry's and Will and Amy.
That Dr Parry's BBQ must have been a Tardis- we were transported to Italy in a matter of seconds.