a tale of two hearts

my neuroscinece is your micro payment

You rabbit on about "micro payments" while I rabbit on about neuroscience.

And on that point, I know you'll be really excited to read this and this article (oh and this). The first two really are worth reading/skimming through. Incase you don't get a chance to do that here is essentially the gist of what they are all saying.
"Traditionally, social and emotional competencies have been transmitted and acquired within the context of stable and functional family and community environments.However increasing family breakdown, serial changes in adult partnerships, and the more limited role of the extended family, plus the effects of deprivation, increase the chances that this home ‘tuition’ cemented by love, approval and affection is absent.
Given the shifting societal context, if education is to achieve the goal of promoting equality of opportunity, it is a matter of social justice that education providers consider the development of social and emotional competencies as being at the heart of their role."