a tale of two hearts

happy birthday

(Just look at you and that cheeky smile that I can't get enough of. Oooh how I love you!)

Dear Mr Wonderful,


I love you, I adore you, you are the most incredible person I've ever met.

I love doing life with you Mr Piltz. I'm perpetually proud of the man you are. Wise, smart and incredibly funny these days :P

I love the way you support, nurture and treasure me. I love your generous heart, I love how you're so naturally cool and know lots of stuff. I love how you're organised, relaxed and forever trusting that God will provide and take care of our family.

Every morning I wake up to you and shake my head in disbelief that I get to share life with you. Of all the people in the world, did I really deserve for God to give me the cream of His crop!!

Happy Birthday Honey!