a tale of two hearts

kruger private drive

I found my little blue book with all my scribbles from the holiday. Here is an extract about this day.
"After lunch we were driven to a private game park . It was fantastic, the big 5 (sort of) in under 2 hours!! Rhino, cheetah, vultures, lions, buffalo, elephants, AMAZING! We were in a herd of buffalo at one stage and we saw elephants playing and supposedly flirting with each other. Oh and then there was the cheaters!!! We were soooo close to them it was phenomenal!! We got back to the hotel on a bit of a high. Oh almost forgot we had drinks in the game park, slightly nerve racking when you've just seen lions, cheaters and rhinos and you're now standing on that same ground having a beer (or cider in my case!). After the sunset drinks we got back into the vehicle and did a bit of a night drive with Josh as the spotter, he sat on this little seat at the front with a flash light. When we got back we had dinner in the open African air around a fire place with all the tables in a semi circle- what a day, so blessed."