a tale of two hearts

tripping tuesday: mr wonderful...thank you

Below is the post I wrote after our trip to Adelaide.

We left everyone else in the house and jumped in the car to catch the last bit of sunlight. I had this crazy idea, I told you and you just smiled and said 'yep lets go'. You supported me 100% without flinching.

I wouldn't be half the woman I am today if it wasn't for your unwavering support.
There are a handful of things that I know I'm incredibly blessed to have in my life, things that make me realise that I'm happy to just 'be'.
Photography is now one of these things. That never would have been the case had it not been for one incredible man.
Today I want to say thank you to him.
My Mr Wonderful (aka J)

Thanks for being patient with me as I stayed up till all hours to learn and practice. Thanks for reading the manual with me to explain those tricky bits I didn't get. Thanks for letting me know you liked my photos even when I didn't agree.

Thanks for bringing me dinner every night as I work away on the computer (and for continuing to do so). Thanks for spending hours upon hours listening to me talk about photography. Thanks for coming to my shoots and being there just for moral support.

Thanks for picking me up when it all gets too much.

Thank you for loving me the way you do and for being so happy to see me enjoy something so much.

 Oh... and thanks for taking our little friend "mr tripod" and I on a sunset drive in the Borrossa Valley to capture these beautiful images of us.
These two kisses are just for you. xx