a tale of two hearts

that addictive feeling

I told Emma and Chris I wanted to do something different...I had these ideas in my head and they brought them to life. They were amazing!

It was the exact same rush I felt taking photos 'professionaly' for the first time.

 That feeling is addictive.
 It's the thrill of the unknown, trying something new, pushing yourself beyond what you think you're capable of,  the vulnerability of sharing your dream with others and knowing there is potential for you to fail, the energy and effort you put into it to give it it's best chance of suceeding and the elation when you realise you've done something you weren't sure you were capable of.

It makes you feel so alive.

I'm so proud of the end result...here is a little sneak peek.

st james park

We walked down The Mall from Buckingham Palace and into St James Park park, we bought some lunch and sat on a bench in front of St James Park Lake right next to Duck Island Cottage.

I felt so lucky to be sitting there with you - travelling the world with my best friend, just incredible!

Warning random thought: You know the part in Peter Pan where he's mum takes him to the park when his a baby and then he some how gets left in the park (it's highly possible I've got a few stories mixed up here)...well the image on the top right reminds me of that scene in Captain Hook.

we're in london town

I got into work this morning and took a sneak peek at the calendar to see where we'd be on the 1 August. Guess where we are...were in London town!

How perfectly timed with the Olympics :)

I'd like to say that I had it all planned out 9 months ago when I made the calendar but who am I kidding. Total fluke. 

graze and zumbo

Let the good times roll...with Em and Matt!
Great start to the weekend- dinner at Graze followed by dessert at Zumbo.
There's no denying it, we are so clearly DINK's* :P
*Couples who have Double Incomes and No Kid

Cauliflower and truffle milkshake...how cool are those glasses! 

a view with a thousand knives

How cold has it been recently?!?
I'll share with you my little trick for warming up - I just think back to this lookout in Tasmania and all of a sudden I feel warm and toasty.
Remember- it felt like we were being stabled with a thousand knives for those 2 brief minutes.
I don't think I've ever seen you walk back to the car faster!

a wonderful world

Lee just emailed this to me at work..isn't it great! 

balmoral birthday lunch

I saw this commercial the other day, how great is it! Hallmark you sure know how to tug, tug on my heart strings!

So here I am to tell you something Majche.

You are a remarkable woman who continues to inspire me and who's company I cherish.

Do you know what I realised the other day - you hold the title of being my oldest* friend!
That's crazy and hilarious isn't it!

Just think, I knew you before you knew how to use a toilet...before you knew how to write your name...before I knew how to spell - oh wait I'm still working on that one!
Thinking of all the crazy stuff we got up to in our younger days cracks me up - we were thick as thieves :P 

A few pic's from our lunch in Balmoral for your birthday - I recon you look pretty good for someone who had a chocolate hangover :P

(ps: I'll put up a few pic's from the chocolate workshop sometime soon)
*Not that you are the oldest friend I have...I mean you're the one I've known the longest :P 

oysters at wineglass bay

You saw a chalkboard on the side of the road. You looked at me and raised your eyebrows. I shrugged my shoulders and said "ehh...why not".

And then we tasted them. 

HELLO...where have you been all my life? 

Tasmania + Oysters = AMAZING

Clearly I'm too busy with the oysters to even look up! 

the runs win silver...bottles

Ahh...so proud.
Honey, that bottle is going straight to the pool room!  

"i'd still be holding you like this"

Every time I hear Payphone it makes me think of this night and trying to convince you to put the camera down and dance with me :)

"If happy ever after did exist - I'd still be holding you like this!!" 

It's taken me a good 10 years to feel comfortable enough to let down my guard and let you see my really goofy dance moves- the ones that spontaneously erupt from the most joyful place in my being, the ones I only let out when I'm on my own and no one is looking.

I can't tell you how joyful, safe, accepted and loved I have to feel to be able to dance like that in front of another human being- so thank you!

...my next challenge is to get you on the dance floor with me ;)

a winters night walk

Hey J....umm...want to jump on a plane and go here again?? Pretty please. 
Remember the restaurant we walked into before we went for this walk "hmm yeah we do dinner but you better hurry cause we'll probably shut the kitchen soon" it was 5.25pm heheh...small town charm got to love it!