a tale of two hearts

balmoral birthday lunch

I saw this commercial the other day, how great is it! Hallmark you sure know how to tug, tug on my heart strings!

So here I am to tell you something Majche.

You are a remarkable woman who continues to inspire me and who's company I cherish.

Do you know what I realised the other day - you hold the title of being my oldest* friend!
That's crazy and hilarious isn't it!

Just think, I knew you before you knew how to use a toilet...before you knew how to write your name...before I knew how to spell - oh wait I'm still working on that one!
Thinking of all the crazy stuff we got up to in our younger days cracks me up - we were thick as thieves :P 

A few pic's from our lunch in Balmoral for your birthday - I recon you look pretty good for someone who had a chocolate hangover :P

(ps: I'll put up a few pic's from the chocolate workshop sometime soon)
*Not that you are the oldest friend I have...I mean you're the one I've known the longest :P