a tale of two hearts

happy 6th wedding anniversary

This month on our calendar we're home in Sydney, celebrating our wedding anniversary!

We've officially circled the sun 6 times as husband and wife.

Can you believe it?? That means I've rolled over and woken up to your lovely face more than 2000 times!

It also means:
- We've talked on the phone to each other as husband and wife at least 4000 times
- We sent over 6000 emails to each other; and
- I've heard you say 'I love you' to me at least 8000* times!

I can't tell you how grateful and privileged I feel to be your best friend let alone your wife!

*This is a conservative estimate. It's based on our time only as a married couple. The true figure sits somewhere closer to 16,000. Here is the detail cause I know you'll try to work it out. You say it at least 4 times a day (if not more!) and we've been together for over 11 years now. That's a stat I would be very proud of if I were in your shoes!