a tale of two hearts

rev camp 2012

ReV Camp 2012

I spent an hour and a half with these guys on Wednesday night before Jo's birthday dinner. 

Walking into the study hall was like being hit with a wave of memories. 

I'd completely forgotten what study looked like. The dedication, the self-discipline, it a tough slog. 

It was physically painful walking around the room. I was reliving the anxiousness I felt studying for my trials, the fear of the unknown, the questions that swirled around in my mind. 

Am I studying the right stuff ? Will this be in the exam? Will I do well? What if I fail...what then? 

Remember how stressed I was all the time?

I wish Doctor Who Episodes were real... so I could jump into a Tardis with David Tennant and go visit the 17 year old me. I'd tell her:

1. You are so much smarter than you think you are - so relax, stop stressing about failing and enjoy what you're learning!! Stop being so hard on yourself, it's not good for you!
2. You're doing a good job, your persistence and dedication will pay off.
3. There will be times when you will fail (no matter how hard you try not to) and while that now may seem to you like the worst thing in the world, when it happens you'll finally realise just how liberating it is.

You'll learn you can fail and not be a failure.
 (this will be a big deal for you...trust me!)

You'll learn how to pick yourself up and move on, you'll learn there is so much more to you and you were designed for so much more than the UAC score, the university degrees and awards you'll get.

Keep trusting God Tina, His's begun a good work in you and man you'll be blown way by what He has in store for you over the next decade!
Seriously - you can't even imagine kiddo!