a tale of two hearts

tripping tuesday: 20 years in Australia

This was originally posted in May 2011.
I once read that we generally seek change for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation.
20 years ago (to the date..or there about) my parents made a significant change.
Out of desperation and inspired by the hope that AUSTRALIA promised, they moved their little family from Macedonia to Australia...an island on the other side of the planet.
Boy did that island deliver!
Mum, Dad...I will forever be grateful for the huge sacrifice you made.

 A few snaps mum took of us in our first few weeks in Australia....wonder where I got my love of photography from? Probably from the same person who cut my fringe...what is going on there?!?
 Dad looking cool as per usual.
 Exploring the sites of Sydney...mum often says that the first 3 months here were the best holiday she's ever taken!
I think this was our first ferry ride...we were on our way to Taronga Zoo.
This is it, the original 4; all the Vilevski's in Australia in 1991. We were everyone and everything for each other and we made it work.