a tale of two hearts

tripping tuesday: the red centre

The post on Uluru. Wow, that trip was incredible!
I finally got around to sorting through our holiday snaps from our trip to Uluru with Bec and Dave.
It's so bitter sweet looking through holiday pic's isn't it. Bitter, cause you wish you were there right now, sweet,  cause it was soooo good!
J has been saying for years that I HAVE to see central Australia, I now understand why. To be completely honest with you these photos do it no justice, as cheesy as it may sound the slogan is soooo true "if you never never go...you'll never never know!".
It's like no other place on earth, the space, the size, the colours- it's simply breath taking.

Day 2: Road trip to Kings Canyon....ps: that's not Uluru in the background it's Mt Conner, don't worry, we were fooled too!
 This was the start of our hike around Kings Canyon...read "start" which is why I'm smiling!
 A lovely french couple took the photo on the right for us - it was so nice of them to wait for us to run up those rocks.
 Yes..that's me...I'd like to blame the heat for making me go a bit loopy...but who am I kidding?!
 Why the face you ask?...
...cause of this view...Kings Canyon. It may look tiny in this pic..but it was huge!!
We spotted what we thought was a salt lake on our drive to Kings Canyon. I have ALWAYS wanted to walk on a salt lake, so I was the painful child in the car on our drive back to Uluru that kept insisting we try to find the "salt lake" that we may or may not have spotted in the morning. Some very skilled off road driving and ta da...turns out it was a salt lake!!
 We drove back to our hotel just as the sun was setting...simply amazing.
I wouldn't mind driving home each night after work, if I had a view like this...sadly my commute through Sydney isn't quite as magical.