a tale of two hearts

chocolate workshop

We chatted in the car as we made our way to the Coco Chocolate school in Mosman.
We parked the car and started getting all our stuff ready to walk up to the school.
Then it hit us...ekkk...the realisation that we're 'ok' in the kitchen but not brilliant. A whole morning in a kitchen with other people learning how to temper chocolate...hmmm this could be really embarrassing for us both!
But we both just laughed it off and decided that we'll just start eating lots of chocolate if it starts going pear shape.

Happy to report it didn't go pear shape but we did end up eating way too much chocolate!!
These are chocolate 'nibs'...apparently this was considered food of the gods by many cultures around the world.
:-O I know my brain was in over drive at the sight of this much chocolate...
...Maya did the 'salting' for our salt and almond dark chocolate slab...
See all the chocolate flakes next to the bowl and all the chocolate that's still on the bench. We got to eat all that + more!
We made Jasmin and milk chocolate bars!! Yeah I was slightly excited!
Our two products for the day a chocolate bars and the almond and salt slab.
Just check out the shine in that chocolate. You can see Maya's reflection in it! That's some good tempering right there!
The birthday girl having a hot chocolate and her graduation certificate.
And that was Maya's birthday present- thanks so much for finding it J!!

Happy birthday Majche....we love you so much!