a tale of two hearts

honeymoon series: lake como

Remember this- Lake Como.

 I still remember what a foul mood I was in when we got there. You were so sweet. I remember snapping at you and then getting all confused because I didn't know why I was so bothered, you did nothing wrong! And then  finally it occurred to me "ohh I haven't eaten!" Hahaha....genius Tina!

So we went back to our hotel and you made me a nutella sandwich and I was all better.

I also remember getting stung by a wasp when we went out for our first walk along the lake.
I remember watching an old couple feeding the ducks with their grand kids. I remember thinking one day we'll do that together...but maybe not at Lake Como unless we win the lotto between now and then :P
 I also remember buying a white pair of shorts (the ones I'm wearing in the pics below) at the markets, I was sooo happy with that find.

The photo on the left...seriously...pig tales...on our honeymoon...like I didn't look young enought already! J why didn't you say anything..?? It cracks me up!