a tale of two hearts

london 2012 games

Elow Govna...Welkum to London 2012...Parry Style.

This is the actual tale of the London 2012 Olympics...the stuff you see on TV is just make believe.

Once upon a time there were 8 amazing athletes who sat around a table eating their bangers and mash in preparation for the Games...yes the "Olympic games!"..ohhh...ahhh.
On their way to the Olympic stadium they did the usual tourist thing...you know black cabs, big ben...why not...they were in London after all!
All fed and Kodaked out they were ready make their way over to the "Olympic stadium"...some chose to ride their horses.
Oh wait...they didn't want to get dehydrated before their events so they stopped for a few drinks.....
...all fed and with drinks in hand they were ready for the games to begin!!
Now don't be fooled by the drink in Amy's hand...she is a true athlete! You'll know what I mean when you scroll down and see what she's capable of!
Amy please forgive me...it was just toooo funny not to put up. My eyes start are watering every time I see it...
....and then there are these two...and now I'm crying with laughter!! 
Left: Angry Amy
Right: Happy Amy
That ladies and gentlemen that was London 2012 as it will be remembered in my history books.
Thank you for such a fabulous truly memorable night !!!