a tale of two hearts

your presence

Some days are harder than other. On those days you usually get a text from me saying something like:
"I wish I was sitting next to you right now"

You see, when I'm sitting next to you I realise all is fine in my world. Not because it is fine but because I don't struggle to have hope that it will be fine soon enough.

On Sunday night I was reminded that the impact your presence has on my ability to remain hopeful in the midst of darkness is only a glimpse of the impact His presence has on me.

With each challenge and day that passes I fall more and more in love with you and the generous God who created you. 

Ohh...and some days are not so hard - like this one a few weeks ago in Swansea!

I'd go back there in a heart beat if we could. I think every day should start with an sunrise walk by the beach...in your pj's ( and a jumper + gum boots) !