a tale of two hearts

honeymoon series: when in rome

I've been preparing my mid-year review at work this week..ekk so much fun :P
I couldn't remember what I'd got up to in the last 7 months so I spent a day and a half trawling through all my emails- exciting I know.

Looking through old holiday photos is way more fun!

Below are a few pics of our first few days as husband and wife.

Can you believe this was over 6 years ago. I love the fact that so many things are just the same now as they were then only a lot more amplified.

Take for instance our little baby...it was just a tiny Sony cyber shot back then. Remember when we bought that 1G memory card from that shop in Rome and we thought "yep we'll never need to by another one again!".

Oh how wrong we were. Just look at it now, it grew from a tiny Sony cyber shot...into a big healthy Nikon D4. So proud!!

And then there is you.  I thought I couldn't possibly love you more...turns out I was wrong about that too!

We arrived, put our bags in the hotel and started walking, turned a corner and found this...hmm...yep we're definitely in Rome!
Left: Ice-cream in front of the Trevi Fountain   
In front of the Vatican with Zoran and Mariana...ahh all honeymooners!
Right: At Piatsa Nivona, we'd just bought the painting that we now have hanging in our bedroom!
At Piazza Della Repubblica, having a drink and watching the soccer world cup semi-finals!