a tale of two hearts

wineglass bay

It's been a while since I had knots in my stomach day in day out- can’t say I’m a fan. Uni + work...ekk...what was I thinking!!
Deep breaths Tina...only 8 more weeks to go.
I guess like most things in life there is always a bit of pain before you get to the good stuff. 
Seriously have a think about it...you can't even see Wineglass Bay without climbing up the hill.
Who knows maybe it's the hill that makes you notice the view and appreciate it for what it is? 

I'm really hoping the view at the end of all this study is worth the pain...because right now I feel like I'm climbing up a hill that's getting steeper by the day!
Me just before we get to the top of the hill to see that view...yep I'm feeling like this right now!