a tale of two hearts

editing away

Woohoo - I just finished my uni reading for the day!

You're out with Lyndo so I figured I'd finish up the final edits on Em's photos. 
I can't believe how many favourites I have from that day :)


Lyndo posted one of the sweetest messages I've seen in a while up on facebook the other day. He said...
"I was walking home from the shops yesterday with the girls in the stroller. Our path home takes us past the Coles loading dock where a real big burley dock manager idled at the edge of the footpath looking suitably bored and dreary. As I approached he turned and caught a glimpse of the girls in the stroller and his face erupted in happiness and a giant smile. It was a pretty nice thing to see and just reminds me that children really are the most beautiful thing on this planet. Love mine to death!"

Little Lily going for a bounce before bed.  

When we started dating I was so impressed with how your best mates treated their girlfriends. I'm equally impressed at what amazing fathers those same men are today.

I'm so glad and proud as punch that you have such incredible mates around you.

Hope you both have fun sandbagging or whatever it is you're doing in the backyard today!!

cookies +

Choc chip cookies...

Yep - quite possibly the ultimate union.

I emailed you this link on a Friday afternoon and you came back with the best reply.

"How about I make them for you on Saturday while you're doing your assignment?"

You did all the hard work and then you let me do the fun part (while you watched the rest of that random car racing movie/cartoon, your choice of 'entreatment' never ceases to entertain me :P ).

One spoon full of nutella for the cookie and one for me, repeat x 25. That might explain why I wasn't feeling so well that afternoon :P 

We'll definitely be making these cookies again!


Life is sprinkled with little treasures. Some we seek out and spend years searching for. Others we accidentally stumble across.

Regardless of how we come across them we know when we've discovered one and it makes us feel like we've won the lotto!

Emma and Charlotte know this truth all to well.

These girls truly treasure each other. 

This was one of the sweetest moments for me that night. I know Emma said she didn't want to remember saying good bye to Charlotte - but it was just to beautiful not to capture.
Love, friendship, tears of joy and heart ache all coexisting perfectly.

We know we are rich with true treasures when we can't help but cry tears like these for a friend.

I hope theses two know how blessed they are to have each other...even if they are now continents apart.

Read this today and it made me think.

spring fair

I'm so proud we're associated with these generous hearts.

just wait a moment...

Ahhh...the moment just before someone takes a photos...

Sarah...love your work!

lazy summer days

The sun is coming out to play this weekend...lazy summer days ahead :)

...that is as soon as I knock over these 2 assignments and exams.

I keep hearing your voice with Ketut's accent in my head "eyes on the books Tina"...heheh..makes me laugh!

a strange dream...our first night in paris

You know those real strange dreams - the ones that are in totally bizarre locations....and then out of no where people just randomly pop up and you're left feeling totally confused as to what's going on??

Well that's kind of what our first day in Paris felt like to me.

"hmm...we seem to be in Paris...celebrating Lucie's birthday...oh and Adam's joining us. Ok. What is going on...is this for real? The alarm is going to go off any minute and I'm going to have to get ready for work right?"

Luckily for me it wasn't a dream -  rather a completely surreal night with great friends! 

Who get's to celebrate their birthday in Paris?!? Lucie does!!
Lucie I say we should celebrate your birthday like this every year :)

And here we all are in moving pictures.

chris & emma...going to the chapel

Dear Chris and Emma,

I have been day dreaming about your wedding...oh I don't know...for the last 2.5 years maybe?!?

...and not in my craziest dreams did I picture a day this magical!

We felt so incredibly privileged to have had front row seats to it all :D

We are so blessed to be able to call you two friends. I can not begin to tell you how happy we are for you both!!

x tina + j 

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