a tale of two hearts

a binalong sunset

It's not very often you find yourself in a situation where someone gives you directions the way Tolkien does in Lord of the Rings.

"...go down to where the road ends, you'll notice a playground, walk past the playground and towards the bush on the left, watch out because the ground under foot may be boggy, so stick to the right side if you can, you'll then find a little path, follow that and you should come to a clearing and you'll spot a bench on a crop of rocks overlooking the ocean"

They were the exact instructions the lovely Irish lady gave us. I remember walking away from that conversation wanting to burst out laughing. I though what are the chances we'll be able to find this "special bench" she speaks of.

We felt like little kids on an expedition. We followed all her instructions and sure enough everything was just as she described - even the boggy grass, your shoes were drenched!

And as for the bench...it definitely lived up to it's reputation!

I remember watching the sun set that night a noticing that my cheeks hurt (and not from all the lindt balls I'd been sucking on :P).
I was so incredibly content and full of joy that it was hard not to smile.
I love it when contentment sneaks up on me like that - when all of a sudden I'm hit with the realisation that I have everything I need to make my heart smile...that I need nothing more.
How great would it be to be aware of that truth all the time!