a tale of two hearts


Lyndo posted one of the sweetest messages I've seen in a while up on facebook the other day. He said...
"I was walking home from the shops yesterday with the girls in the stroller. Our path home takes us past the Coles loading dock where a real big burley dock manager idled at the edge of the footpath looking suitably bored and dreary. As I approached he turned and caught a glimpse of the girls in the stroller and his face erupted in happiness and a giant smile. It was a pretty nice thing to see and just reminds me that children really are the most beautiful thing on this planet. Love mine to death!"

Little Lily going for a bounce before bed.  

When we started dating I was so impressed with how your best mates treated their girlfriends. I'm equally impressed at what amazing fathers those same men are today.

I'm so glad and proud as punch that you have such incredible mates around you.

Hope you both have fun sandbagging or whatever it is you're doing in the backyard today!!