a tale of two hearts

man of the match

Last week you came home from your indoor cricket game beaming.
You had a little sheet of paper in your hand with lots of stats on it and you tried to explain what all the numbers meant to me. 
I paid attention as best I could but that doesn't mean I actually understood what you were saying. It all became a whole lot clearer when you gave me the 4 word executive summary "man of the match".
You were smiling and I was proud!
Let me guess...you're a little confused? Why have I posted your indoor soccer photos? The indoor soccer season you would all rather forget because you didn't win a single game all season -ouch!
I'll tellyou why- cause I'm just as proud of you for those stats as I am for these new ones. And the indoor soccer stats are a little funnier and more amusing so I want to make sure we don't forget them :P