a tale of two hearts

the australian outback

We were driving home from the snow on the weekend and I was so glad we did the drive in daylight.

There is something about the Australian outback. I loose myself in it, it reminds me of just how small and insignificant my life really is in the bigger picture and for some strange reason that makes me feel really good!

Maybe it's because it give me perspective...when I realise how small and tiny I am in the bigger picture it's makes it lot easier for me to see how small and tiny my worries and fears actually are.

Anything that has the capacity to shead a ray of sunlight and truth onto the lies that cause our worries and fears is a splendid thing!

So outback Australia...you are a splendid thing!
ps: these pic's were from our Tasmania trip, remember, thisthis, thisthis and this.