a tale of two hearts

white morning

How cool was this morning! We woke up to little voices laughing outside..."this is the best day of my life" one of them declared. You got out of bed and walked over to the balcony to see what they were doing.

We'd arrived at the hotel at around midnight the night before. We didn't see a patch of snow the whole time and then we woke up to this.

Walking into that room for breakfast was- wow. Safe to say we're permanently ruined in terms of ski holidays - nothing will live up to this will it?

Here you are off to work, while I headed back to our room to hit the books and study.

table mountain

ECX9710 Pharmaceutical Economics is...done!

Remember this post from a few months ago on wineglass bay? Well this afternoon at 4.10 pm when the exam instructor announced "pens down" I felt like I had just climbed to the top of a mountain! I was so relived and exhausted when it was all over.

hmm...me thinks more of life's mountains should have cable cart rides to the top :P

Cape town's got the right idea.

When I stumbled across the pic below I was so confused. Why are you all holding your finger up? Oh, then I remembered! It's what I made you do in front of each wineries the day before. I must have asked you to do it again when you started eating ice-creams. 

You poor things...the joys of travelling with a me!

family pic's of croatia

I think I love taking photos of little kids because I myself love looking back on our old family photos.

Whenever we go to mum and dad's place I try to either sneak off for a few minutes to look at the photos on the walls or I pick up an old album and flick through it. Sometimes I'm subtle about it - other times I get up half way through the meal, pick up an album and bring it to the table with me. 

I'm so thankful for the scarifies my parents made to give me such incredible images to look back on and cherish. Two crazy kids, madly in love, living in a shoe box with their little girls and somehow they made it work. 

As much as they frustrate the crap out of me at times - I'm in awe of those two crazy kids who raised me. They inspire ever cell in my body.

One day I hope we get the opportunity to create memories for our kids that will inspire them to live rich life's full of love and beauty.

a little guest

Guess who's coming over for dinner tomorrow night? 

I can't wait!

roller coaster week

It's been a crazy roller coaster week at work.

I think this is the 4th round of redundancies I've seen take place in less than 5 years -  pure madness. 

I wonder what it's like to work somewhere where you're not constantly worried about loosing your job? I wonder if I'll ever know what that kind of security feels like? 

I have to admit though, there are advantaged to never having experienced 'job security'. 

It's forced me to be proactive about making the most of each opportunity I've been given at work. I've become grateful and feel privileged to have my job and for the sake my sanity I've been forced to make sure my sense of worth isn't derived from what I do 9-5pm.

I think it's that last one that I'm most grateful for. 

Thank you for being on the other side of the phone to calm my nerves a 1001 times a day over the last few days...well weeks - who am I kidding months! 

Now that it's all done it's time to celebrate...with a blumers cider and some ferrero rocher's.
Thanks for the surprise treats!

Katy Perry and Jodi DiPiazza

I love Katy Perry's "Firework" - it's an anthem that declares truth after truth about who we all are.

 I remember the first time I heard the song, I stopped what I was doing and just sat and listened.

So much around us is screaming "your not good enough...you're not quite right...your too much of this...too little of that".

If that's how I feel, I can't imagine what it must feel like for those who are born into this world and through no fault of their own fall short of attaining the "normal" label. What must it feel like to know that doctors, teachers friends and family all know "I'm not good enough...I'm not quite right...I'm to much of this...too little of that".

My guess is we all feel like that to some degree but it's not the truth...because we have been:

"fearfully and wonderfully made
David (aka king david, psalm 139:14)

Or as paraphrased by the talented Miss Perry 

"You don't have to feel like a waste of space, your original, you can not be replaced"

Like I said I LOVE this song and this is the perfect duet for it- everything about this is so beautiful.

Warning it is a bit of a tearjerker. At the 5min mark I had to go stop the video to go and grab myself a tissue!

I know such a surprise I never cry at this sort of stuff :P

whatever is true

I read this post by Sarah Tucker - so inspiring.

I'm so glad there are beautiful women out there who are brave enough to be so vulnerable and authentic.

Here are a few of my favourite parts from her post:

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life" (Proverbs 4:23).

"We have a choice of who and what we let into our life and hearts....
 ...the largest chambers of my heart consist of my faith, my husband, Tuck growing inside me, my family, a few close friendships, a desire to help others and live a life of purpose....
Putting those things first gives me LIFE, JOY, PEACE, CONTENTMENT.  And I realize the only way to get there is guarding against distractions, controlling the volume of the negativity, lies we believe and keep telling ourselves.  For me this looks like: limiting social media (being aware of what you're letting in), leaving my phone behind when I can, having an alarm clock instead of bringing my phone to bed with me, resting in ways that feed my soul and not exhaust it, doing the hard work, making decisions instead of just thinking about them, dealing with reality instead of being distracted by twitter/FB/instagram all day, being obsessed with busy-ness ... . clearing out all of the clutter whether it lives in my mind or near my desk. I want to put what ultimately matters before all of those things I want right now (namely: approval)....  
I want to pursue a life of LOVE, purpose, joy, peace, and be fulfilled not drained by what I do.  I want to guard my heart, focus on what matters, follow my dreams, and live a life of adventure with my two boys."  

forgetting stuff

You remember stuff random stuff. I have trouble remembering why I walked into a room at times.

I often get frustrated with my inability to remember stuff that I should be able to.

Having said that - I can't imagine how frustrating it all must be for your nana.

talk about privileged

Do you remember how this day started?  Two words and I guarantee it'll all flood back to you - 'laundry bag'.

We spent over an hour walking around Paris with a plastic bag trying to find a place to get our laundry done - as I recall, not my finest hour. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. Can't say I found it as funny at the time!

I think this day is evidence that just because a day starts off bad doesn't mean it'll stay that way for long.

We finally found a place to get our laundry done, had some lunch, wondered through Versailles and then found ourselves doing an "amazing race" tour of the Louvre.

I remember looking at you with that map in your had and thinking "this guy is remarkable". We were both jet lagged, so exhausted from all the walking we did that day and yet you were sharp as a tack, entertaining me with your antics, while running through the Louvre with coat in hand.

I don't know what made me feel more privileged in that moment, being in Paris or being your wife?

Below is the little brain fart I had while staring at this painting.

One of the things I love about living in Australia is the lack of pomp and ceremony but looking at this picture stirs something inside me.  It's my favourite painting in the Louvre. I remember staring at it for ages when I saw it for the first time with mum and dad in year 7. I know what the painting is actually about but it's the majesty and grandeur of it all that captured my heart.

This time when I saw it, this came to mind.

"You are a royal priesthood...that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvellous light" 1 Peter 2:9

Are we all like the girl in the image? 

All that is beautiful, lovely, admirable in me is because of God's grace, goodness and generosity. I did nothing to earn such a remarkable gift - yet I get to walk through life with all the blessings that flow from it. He calls me His beloved child and I get all the associated privileges of being a daughter of the King.

Talk about privileged.

J...thank you for being a constant reminder of just how privileged I am.
Thank you for loving me the way you do - your love is daily reminder of God's goodness and generosity towards me.

ps: check out the lady on the right...hehehe...maybe she's having a brain fart staring at the painting too?

zucchini crackers

Dinner at our place with my whole family.
My 5 memorable moments:
1. Mum's zucchini crackers - what a great idea.
2. The way you impressed mum with your amazing dessert.
3. The new dip you made and tanya trying it seconds after you took it out of the oven...ouch!
4. Catching up with Maja :)
5. Dad's grey on grey track suite - it makes me chuckle on the inside each time I see it. It must be very comfortable!

tripping tuesday: bec and dave

Another tripping tuesday post.

It's incredibly special to have someone in your life who knows what made you laugh when you were 12. Bec is exactly that person in my life. One of my dearest friends in the world... gorgeous, incredibly smart and capable.
J and I did a trip to the red centre with Bec and the lovely guy by her side...Dave.
As you can imagine, if you holiday with me I just can't help myself... I just had to get these two to come out for sunset over Uluru with 3 of my favourite friends.
1. Jarrod  2. My camera  3. And a bottle of wine!
I'm sure the rest of the world will agree with me- Bec, you are simply stunning. Thank you for constantly inspiring me to do more and laugh louder! I hope these images make you and Dave smile as much as they make me.

 A few behind the scene shots.... notice the magic ingredient for great photos...wine!


Found myself thinking about this little person the other day. It's so strange I don't think of her as a little kid as such - she's more of a really short friend.

It turns out you weren't "sandbagging" a few Saturdays ago...you were unloading sand for her brand new sandpit!


Isn't it funny in photos he looks so adorable....and quiet!

Let this be a lesson- photos at times can be deceiving.

(I still love him though)

tripping tuesday: the barossa valley

This month on our calendar we're in the Barossa. So I figured I should do a 'tripping tuesday' post on the Barossa.

How great are cheap flights.
Late last year my great friend Jen (who's soon to be a mummy, soooo excited!!) sent me an email which essentially said "tina, cheap flights to Adelaide...lets go!"
So we did just that. We booked a geourgous little cottage in Angaston and explored the Barossa valley and all the goodies it had to offer.
It was only a short break but it was so sweet. Great friends, great food, great wine make for memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.