a tale of two hearts

family pic's of croatia

I think I love taking photos of little kids because I myself love looking back on our old family photos.

Whenever we go to mum and dad's place I try to either sneak off for a few minutes to look at the photos on the walls or I pick up an old album and flick through it. Sometimes I'm subtle about it - other times I get up half way through the meal, pick up an album and bring it to the table with me. 

I'm so thankful for the scarifies my parents made to give me such incredible images to look back on and cherish. Two crazy kids, madly in love, living in a shoe box with their little girls and somehow they made it work. 

As much as they frustrate the crap out of me at times - I'm in awe of those two crazy kids who raised me. They inspire ever cell in my body.

One day I hope we get the opportunity to create memories for our kids that will inspire them to live rich life's full of love and beauty.