a tale of two hearts

tripping tuesday: bec and dave

Another tripping tuesday post.

It's incredibly special to have someone in your life who knows what made you laugh when you were 12. Bec is exactly that person in my life. One of my dearest friends in the world... gorgeous, incredibly smart and capable.
J and I did a trip to the red centre with Bec and the lovely guy by her side...Dave.
As you can imagine, if you holiday with me I just can't help myself... I just had to get these two to come out for sunset over Uluru with 3 of my favourite friends.
1. Jarrod  2. My camera  3. And a bottle of wine!
I'm sure the rest of the world will agree with me- Bec, you are simply stunning. Thank you for constantly inspiring me to do more and laugh louder! I hope these images make you and Dave smile as much as they make me.

 A few behind the scene shots.... notice the magic ingredient for great photos...wine!