a tale of two hearts

ipkus turns 21

The boy with the big dimples, a cheeky smile and an amazing servant heart is 21!

This is by far my fav pic of the night - it's just too funny! 
Poor grandma, she doesn't look too happy does she? Some random dude is trying to steal her bag...heheh. Love your work Dan, so subtle!
Introducing your trendy Asian brother.
The very shy birthday boy...clearly...
...and birthday boy's girl....ohh she so pretty!
Ahh, Uncle Rick, one of a kind! How many 50+ year olds are there who bring their skate board out to their son's 21st birthday dinner? He was clearly raised by someone who plays golf a few times a week... at the age of 85! You've got some good genes there honey!
Happy birthday Mitch - may we all be there to see you 'christen' countless more birthday cakes with your splatter!*
*I know that joke never jets lame does it :S