a tale of two hearts

seafood cooking class

I was so cranky tonight. I spent 3 hours trying to sort out the slide show for kids games with no success.
To avoid feeling like I'd just wasted an entire night and to cheer myself up I decided I'd do a blog post.

So here goes!

 A sea food cooking class with Sarah and Liam. I haven't looked at these photos since that night. I had no idea we were all so serious while cooking - we look hilarious! And by we I mean Liam :P

I laughed out loud when I saw this pic tonight...ahh I so needed that - thanks Sarah!
I call this one 'The Shades of Liam Cooking"...contemplative Liam, angry Liam, happy Liam! 
And as for you two...well you're clearly in your element.
Me pretending to cook...heheh!
Oh and lets not forget the little surprise you thought you'd prepare for the kitchen staff who had to clean up after us. So thoughtful!

Thanks for a great night guys!!