a tale of two hearts

alexander the brave

I opened Faye's email and read the first few lines while at work and completely lost my breath.
"Alexander was diagnosed with Leukaemia in April of this year..." 
 Fortunately the email didn't end there.
"He is doing well now and on the road to recovery but we want to remember this time..."
I meet the Frewer family last December...remember this blog post?

"Faye and Scott are incredible parents to Alexander and Charlotte, two of the most adorable little people I've ever met. Faye, Scott, your little ones have clearly captivated your hearts. I can't tell you how much fun I had watching you both light up while around them. The kisses, cuddles and silly dances you'd both spontaneously break into to were simply magic. Alexander, Charlotte...when you're a little older you'll wake up one morning and realise just how blessed you both are two be loved so much by your mum and dad!
Till that day, continue to blissfully be bathed in their love"

I can't imagine how hard these last 6 months must have been for them all. What I do know is that these four are resilient and as tough as this year must have been it's clearly had no impact on the love and joy they share.

I felt so privileged to be able to hang out with such a gorgeous family 12 months ago. To be able to document this part of their journey was a total honour.

Alexander one day you'll look back on these photos and realise you're middle name is 'Brave'.
Alexander the Brave!