a tale of two hearts

hunter valley day trip

This was so much fun - I'd do it again in a heart beat, only next time I'd add in two ingredients to make it perfect - you and a long weekend!

Oh wait - I should probably explain the pink chair - it was a secret santa gift...and yes one of the boys got it!
Another one of the $0 secret Santa gifts was a Bieber album. After a few wines we were all getting into it...well most of us...ok...the girls were :P 
This was my favourite moment by far. We were driving to the next winery and just as we start pulling into the drive way we hear this voice through the speakers - it was none other than...
I love this girls antics - she was absolutely hilarious!
Let me explain - her secret Santa gift was a life vest so she thought it was important to share with us all the appropriate exit procedures when disembarking the bus.
She must have been an air hostess in another life. She had the script down so perfectly. Had me in stitches!
With no more wine to consume on our long drive home it was time to crack open Liam's home brew (yet another secret Santa gift).
Farewell sweet Hunter...till we meet again!