a tale of two hearts

a pick me up

You have a big day in the office tomorrow - so I thought you could do with a pick me up.

Think of this image when the guy on the other end of the phone is blasting you about your numbers. Just think "hmmm...when this conversation is over I get to go home and make out with the girl in the yellow coat."

See - you're smiling now aren't you!


two things that age well

When I think back on this night one saying comes to mind.
"There are two things in life that get better with age- great friends & red wine." 
We had both in abundance last Friday night.

Dave +  several glasses of red wine = broken glass + spoilt shorts and top + tina and bec discovering they are domestic goddesses after all and can get red wine out of stuff!
Andrej's face in this one...heheh - now what could Maja have possibly said? I can think of about 101 things!
Bec, Dave...just one little things....MOVE TO SYDNEY
FACT: All the cool kids live in Sydney.
You know it's true ;P

late night conversations

Today I was thinking about the kids we met at Bulembu.

Do you remember the conversations we had late into the night while we were there? About life, about money, about the goals and dreams we have for our family. 

Life is fast, so fast it sometimes becomes a blur and you can almost loose yourself in it.

I'm so thankful we met these little people - they gave us permission to question the dreams, goals and ambitions we've subconsciously adsorbed from all that surrounds us daily.

I'm praying those conversations we had while at Bulembu are permanently etched into our hearts.

a presidential pep talk

I'm sending this out to you J - you need to watch this.

Get prepared to be pep talked! 

"It's everybody duty to give the world a reason to dance. So get to it!"
"...and I love space jam"
Kid President

monday night summer drinks

When you're onto a good thing make it last.
This is us making the summer holidays last as long as possible.
 Mexican and drinks after work (on a Monday!). 
Oh how I love your company ladies - so much so I was actually excited to get out of bed that Monday! 


Majche is getting married in a few months!!

Ekk...I'm excited!!

maja and andrej's engagement

Dearest Majche,

 I can't tell you how full my heart felt all night. I'm so happy for you!! I've never seen you smile as much as you do in Andrej's company. I love it! Hope you both had an amazing night on Saturday. I hope you both know there is a whole village of people who love you and are so excited for you both!

x tina + j

ps: marriage is A-mazing! It seriously is one of God's best gifts EVER!! Walking through life with your best friend by your side is just incredible.

{This was just the sweetest moment. You and  Andrej on Skype to Andrej's mum in Macedonia}
{The amazing cake made by Teta Miloshka - that woman is so talented!!}
{Don't you think Norris is giving Dad dirties "Are you serious? You put me on a chair!"...hehehe}
You didn't get a chance to break out any dance moves at the engagement party - so I'm expecting to see some 'extra special' moves on the dance floor on the BIG DAY!