a tale of two hearts

birthday brunch

I love December - the sun is out (usually), everyone is relaxed, work slows down (although that wasn't the case this year :/) and my favourite part...there are lots of Christmas/birthday lunches and dinners with friends.

Shell took me out for a belated birthday brunch on the 29th. Oh how I love my catch ups with Shell - I always look forward to them! They always feel like such a treat. Nice food shared between friends who accept each other just as they are, both willing to be brave enough to share life with each other as it is, warts and all!

Yeah - like I said I love my catch ups with Shell.

ps:  This is what I was doing while you were clearing out the backyard that morning with Lyndon...sorry :P 

 Oh and we ran into this lovely pair. Thanks for the photo above Mr and Mrs Winterbourne - it's in focus and everything :P