a tale of two hearts

maja and andrej's engagement

Dearest Majche,

 I can't tell you how full my heart felt all night. I'm so happy for you!! I've never seen you smile as much as you do in Andrej's company. I love it! Hope you both had an amazing night on Saturday. I hope you both know there is a whole village of people who love you and are so excited for you both!

x tina + j

ps: marriage is A-mazing! It seriously is one of God's best gifts EVER!! Walking through life with your best friend by your side is just incredible.

{This was just the sweetest moment. You and  Andrej on Skype to Andrej's mum in Macedonia}
{The amazing cake made by Teta Miloshka - that woman is so talented!!}
{Don't you think Norris is giving Dad dirties "Are you serious? You put me on a chair!"...hehehe}
You didn't get a chance to break out any dance moves at the engagement party - so I'm expecting to see some 'extra special' moves on the dance floor on the BIG DAY!