a tale of two hearts

new year's resolutions

Angela: "Any NY resolution ladies?"

Em: "I want to find my photogenic pose"

Tina: "What I don't get it ?"

You had just been talking about wanting to find your photogenic pose and I was so confused "Em, seriously what are you talking about! You always look amazing!"

Click = photo on the left.

I know I laughed hard with Angela about the blower horn on NY's but I literally cried tears of laughter when I looked down to see the photo I'd just taken of you both! 

Now that you've mastered your photogenic pose (as per exhibit a and b above) please feel free to on occasion bring out poses like these too. I'm scared I might miss them so much I'll start trying to recreate them myself and we all know how ugly that could get!

As for the photo on the right...it's the definition of love. Em I get the feeling he has a crush on you...just saying. He was so sweet - what at team you two make! 

ps: do you think we should submit these to awkwardfamilyphotos.com ?