a tale of two hearts

still waiting

I wrote this post to you and Jordan last Monday.

I worked from home this morning. You called me and said you would get a lift with your dad and meet me there. I froze and asked you if you could come home so we could drive there together. I didn't want to be in the car on my own. I thought I was fine up until that point. That was the first time I realised I was really hurting.

You came home and we drove down together. We arrived early. For any other occasion it would have been a good thing but this time it just meant I had to try really hard for extra long to distract myself. You held my hand tight and rubbed my back during the whole service - thank you.

There were so many little moments that are forever etched into my mind. Lexi playing before the service, Glenn walking in holding Jordan in his hands, Noah's cry for his little sister, Mel explaining to Lexi and Noah that they were saying good-bye to Jordan as they let go of the balloons.
If I was in this much pain today saying good bye to a little friend I never got to meet here on earth - I can't comprehend how hard must it have been for Mel, for Glenn, for Noah, for Lexi.

{Swansea Tasmania}
Jordan Allyson Santry, today was really hard, all those tears were because we are all devastated that we have to wait a little longer to meet you.
x love uncle j and auntie tina