a tale of two hearts

australia day 2013

Australia day = a chance to get together with great friends and waste an afternoon in each others company.

I can't believe how exhausted we both were after this afternoon - I slept like a baby that night. But it was totally worth it. So thankful for our amazing friends and the inspiring parents they are.  

I love afternoons like this. They force you to come face to face with a truth - "the good life" is made up of stuff like this.

[Check out how much our little friends have grown since last Australia day. As for the rest of us we're pretty much the same + a few wrinkles]

new sons and daughters

This was a fun wedding. I'll tell you what dawned on me that day - weddings are a bit like births. I've heard it said before but it really hit home that day. 

Weddings are a time when we all stop to celebrate the notion not only of love but of family. It's not only two people coming together to now form a new family but also a time of two families welcoming a new daughter or son into their lives.

This was the first wedding we all got to share with Andrej as part of our family. Welcoming a new member into the family can be a little daunting. Once they become family they're not going anywhere. They're going to be there at every dinner, every birthday celebration, every Christmas. Being family is a permanent life things. Every member in a family changes the dynamic of the whole family, their presence has an impact for better or worse on everyone.

We lucked out with Andrej - we're so much better with him!!

I can't wait for Maja and Andrej's wedding when we officially get to welcome him in as a brother and son!

Mum with her three girls.
Dad with his two sons.