a tale of two hearts

love costs

To love, is to investing your time, emotion and efforts into another individual with the soul intent of demonstrating to them that they are of remarkable worth.

 Is it therefore possible to show someone that they are valuable without it costing you?

I'm not sure it is. Love costs. From the smallest to the largest of gestures- it costs. It requires scarifies, 
time and effort.

Today we had a little army of friends love upon us. 

To the amazing 'family dinner' crew
 Thank you so much for the surprise picnic lunch this afternoon. As I mentioned I was a blubbering mess reading out all your messages to J in the car on the way home. I can't begin to tell you how incredibly touched and surprised we both were. Thank you for all the time 
and effort you put into planning it all. J and I feel so spoilt to have you guys as friends!

Below are a few snap of us all throughout the years.
ps: keep an eye out for the one of Keith and J with the birthday cake. Trust me your abbs will thank you for it :)