a tale of two hearts

easter brunch

Easter brunch date with you - if only my uni assignments were this pleasant.

5 memorable moments:
1. My NY bagel - yum. 
2. The way you made me laugh with your "observational humour" as we were walking down to the restaurant.
3. Dreaming up plans for our NY trip.
4. Our lengthy discussion on all things Dr Seuss.
5. 'Sharing' a berry Easter bunny looking smoothie with you.

pioneers and visionaries

Ahh remember this walk through Swansea? We couldn't decide if we wanted to eat at the restaurant where we were staying (pic's here) or if we wanted to go into town. 

Remember the little restaurant we finally decided to have dinner at? Only to discover as we walked in that they were about to shut their kitchen - at 5.30pm! Clearly they weren't expecting any one for dinner. In the end we decided to make the most of the sunlight and to go for a wonder through the town till sunset (sunset pics here).
My head was buzzing with thoughts and questions as we walked and talked that night. It's not often you can spend an hour and walk through an entire town. Walk past every house, see every front yard, every store, every restaurant, the local school, the parks. As we walked past the houses I noticed kids toys scattered in the front yards, I thought about how big the dreams and aspirations of those kids would be for themselves and for their families if all they ever knew was this little town.

I then thought about my parents and how thankful I am for them and how remarkable they truly are.

Most kids grow up and their aspirations are as big or as little as what see around them...but there are a few rare ones who grow up and to aspire to be and achieve something they've never seen.

My parents had a vision for their life and their family that surpassed their experience. It was more than just a vision, it was something they dedicated themselves to, scarified in ways I'll never fully appreciate and persevered...and persevered.

How blessed am I to have been raised by such pioneers and visionaries.
ps: I just had a look at the date stamp on the photos...it was our 6 year anniversary that day...which explains why we took this photo at dinner that night.
(more pic from later that night here)

nic & lauren's wedding

Congratulations guys! Again, thank you for trusting us to capture the magic of your day - as we've said a thousand times - it was such an incredible day. You two make remarkable team - continue to cherish each other!

x tina + j