a tale of two hearts

they're married!!

My Dearest Mayche,
My little heart felt like it was about to explode yesterday!!
You are such a beautiful and radiant woman - I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you've found a man with a huge heart, who adores you and is strong and capable to take care of and cherish you.
I'm so giddy with happiness for you both!
You are stunning.
Love you both lots - hope you're having an amazing honeymoon!!

education matters

I finished the first part of my assignment and decided to reward myself by flicking through readit.

I came across this image titled - education matters.

Source: Readit

 Here I was having a little whinge about how it's a public holiday and I'm cooped up at home studying while everyone is out enjoying themselves.

I'm so thankful that growing up mum and dad made sure I was aware that not every child was as fortunate to have the opportunity to go to school. Education opened not only doors but borders for my parents. Education has the capacity to enable an individual to pull themselves and their family out of crippling generational poverty.

Somewhere along the track I've forgotten these truths.

Education - it's a privilege not a chore.  

[Having said that - it's hard to deny that it's a painful privilege at times!]

brad's birthday 2013

Tasting hot chillies - the photo on the left cracks me up!
 A Mexican dinner is never complete without tequila shots! 
Mini golf madness.
 Happy birthday Brad - hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did!
Love ya!

Birthday celebrations from 2012 are here.
Opps...just realised I forgot to get a pic of us all lined up.

procrastination continues

Ok- I really should start working on that assignment now.


I really should be working on my uni assignment right now - not looking through old holiday photos.

Procrastination - it's inevitable.

celebrating 10 yrs with jimmy and taz

Can you believe it's been 10 years since these two said I do??

The shock of seeing you without a beard for the first time on the morning of their wedding still feels so fresh and so real to me...can you believe that was 10 yrs ago!

Thank you for growing your beard back and for promising to never ever shave it off ever again!
(and yes I've considered this)
Love it -10 yrs of marriage and it clearly hasn't changed a thing!
The bridal party now & then.
Walking back to the apartment for some dessert after out Mexican feast. These two...lets look this happy when we have three little ones!
The ending to this night was perfect. Sitting on the lounge with a blanket over my lap, juggling a cup of tea in one hand and an amazing cookies and cream cheesecake in the other, while watching jimmy's dismal efforts on guitar hero. Yeah that's my kind of night out at the cross!

flowers & date night conversations

They lasted well over two weeks (the flowers)...good thing I took a photo of them, now they can last like forever <insert clueless accent>.

I can't remember why you bought them for me? Oh wait...I remember...it was a date night. You ordered some pizza, packed the picnic blanket and we got in the car and had dinner by the beach on the blanket. That's right. We'd both been flat out at work, so we hadn't really seen each other in a few nights.  Oh and the forero rocher chocolates I devoured after dinner - how could I forget that.

That was a really nice night...although I think both our minds were still at work so you spent the night catching me up on your latest val report and I spent the night talking your ear off about some presentation or report I was working on. Good times.

Just noticed the NY lonely-planet guide in this pic. I can't believe the trip is two and a bit months away!

Ekk - seriously we need to start planning stuff.

Wish the government would stop releasing reports and proposing bills I need to draft responses to. While I'm on a rant...wish uni assignments would right themselves! Don't people realise we have a holiday we'd rather spend our time day dreaming about? Seriously people, what is this...a capitalist economy or something. Why can't we get payed each week for simply rolling out of bed and breathing...it would make things so much easier :P

long winter nights

I'm not a fan of the clocks turning back an hour. Call me childish but I like seeing the sun, it makes me smile. It's a lot harder to sing along to a pop song on my drive home from work when it's pitch black.  

Oh well, what can you do! If that's the price we Sydneysiders have to pay for beautiful summer evenings then I guess it's worth it.

Till the summer evening return, we'll make the most of these long dark evenings...with carb loaded dinners and nights in front of the fire place.

art and lost love

I stumbled across this video on Joanna's blog

Wow. You have to watch this.

It's a performance art piece Maria Abramovic did in 2010 at the Museum of Modern Art (the place I was telling you about the other night).

She essentially sat in a chair, and one by one, people could sit opposite her and look into her eyes.

This clip is when her former lover Ulay arrived without her knowledge. Apparently they had a passionate love affair back in the 70's, but when they felt the relationship was fizzling, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting in the middle for a last hug and never seeing each other again - tortured artists, go figure!

our jungle

Look J...it's our little jungle!

Great job this weekend on the palm tree excavation - woohoo!

I just came across these and was so thrilled with how much progress we've made. And then I took a look at when they were taken- wait for it December...2011. Hahaha...yeah - we're like so good at this stuff aren't we.

Oh well...we'll get there one day.

When it comes to our renovating skills I recon we should have the Tortoise as our team mascot- cause we're certainly not the Hare!