a tale of two hearts

celebrating 10 yrs with jimmy and taz

Can you believe it's been 10 years since these two said I do??

The shock of seeing you without a beard for the first time on the morning of their wedding still feels so fresh and so real to me...can you believe that was 10 yrs ago!

Thank you for growing your beard back and for promising to never ever shave it off ever again!
(and yes I've considered this)
Love it -10 yrs of marriage and it clearly hasn't changed a thing!
The bridal party now & then.
Walking back to the apartment for some dessert after out Mexican feast. These two...lets look this happy when we have three little ones!
The ending to this night was perfect. Sitting on the lounge with a blanket over my lap, juggling a cup of tea in one hand and an amazing cookies and cream cheesecake in the other, while watching jimmy's dismal efforts on guitar hero. Yeah that's my kind of night out at the cross!