a tale of two hearts

flowers & date night conversations

They lasted well over two weeks (the flowers)...good thing I took a photo of them, now they can last like forever <insert clueless accent>.

I can't remember why you bought them for me? Oh wait...I remember...it was a date night. You ordered some pizza, packed the picnic blanket and we got in the car and had dinner by the beach on the blanket. That's right. We'd both been flat out at work, so we hadn't really seen each other in a few nights.  Oh and the forero rocher chocolates I devoured after dinner - how could I forget that.

That was a really nice night...although I think both our minds were still at work so you spent the night catching me up on your latest val report and I spent the night talking your ear off about some presentation or report I was working on. Good times.

Just noticed the NY lonely-planet guide in this pic. I can't believe the trip is two and a bit months away!

Ekk - seriously we need to start planning stuff.

Wish the government would stop releasing reports and proposing bills I need to draft responses to. While I'm on a rant...wish uni assignments would right themselves! Don't people realise we have a holiday we'd rather spend our time day dreaming about? Seriously people, what is this...a capitalist economy or something. Why can't we get payed each week for simply rolling out of bed and breathing...it would make things so much easier :P