a tale of two hearts

the mountains + achoo! bless you

Such a great night - we should do this again sometime!

phantom of the opera

This was such a good day {slight understatement}.

We'd spent the day strolling down the River Thames with Bron and later that night found ourselves in Piccadilly square before heading to Her Majesty's Theatre to watch Phantom of the Opera!!

Yeah - I was kinda stoked.

Ahh - the joys of traveling with a DSLR's. Sadly the instructions of "just press this button" don't always produce the result you're after. It may be out of focus - but you can still see our huge smiles!
{A sneaky snap of the stage before the show began}

I love the first few seconds of piccadilly square in this video.

little ben

We met this little guy a bit over 4 months ago - we dropped into Michelle and Tony's to give them a meal for their freezer... in exchange for some cuddles with little Ben ;)

I remember holding him and chatting to Michelle in the kitchen and suddenly panicking when I realised she was making coffees and using the grinder! It was sooo loud and yet he slept through the whole thing.

Such a sweet little man - looking forward to watching him grow up.

windsor castle

I finally finished editing the wedding photos (woohoo!) and uni exams are now fast approaching (boohoo). I'm a little over study at the moment and it's been ages since I've blogged about us, so here goes.
You emailed me a list of things to do in NY this afternoon, so naturally I found myself daydream about the trip while I was stuck in traffic on my way home.

 I love travelling with you. Remember this lazy day at Windsor Castle. Just think in a few weeks time we'll have 3 weeks worth of lazy days exploring NY together. 

More snaps of us in London here, hereherehere and here.

for mum and grandma

Mum as promised here are a few photos of the family for you and grandma to enjoy. Make yourself a cup of tea and give grandma a call so you can both scroll through them together.

Love you!

  Mum...here it is again so you don't have to zoom in when you look through these on your phone :P 
 I love this one of you both...how happy are you both to give her away!
Ahh so sweet!
The Piltz, Giev and Vilevski families. Just think back to 1991 mum, when it was just the four of us.
Seriously- you two are way too young to be my parents!
I'm framing these two.
Sharing the night with Andrej's mum on the other side of the world.
Grandma - that's J's grandma.
Heheh...check out dad's arms...heheh...I think he may have lost his spot in the dance.
 This photo is priceless - so funny! I call it "the one that got away".
Grandma these are J's brothers. Tanya caught the bouquet and J's little brother Josh got the garter.