a tale of two hearts

new york

I jumped into the car this morning and turned the key and this classic tune started playing...

"Start spreading the news 
I leaving today I want to be a part of it 
New York, New York"
Frank Sinatra 

I have no idea when you managed to sneak into the car and put that cd in. I was so surprised - I couldn't stop smiling the whole way to work. A mixed tape full of NY inspired songs. 

You are incredible. Not sure what I'm exited about more - NY or the fact that I get to have you all to myself for the next 3 weeks!

dark sid of the lens

I got goose bumps when I watched this. Not because it made me cold, although the water does look freezing but because genuine passion, expressed and embodied in action speaks to a truth we all carry deep within us.

We're all created for a purpose, we've all been given the capacity to create and feel pleasure in our work.

Some are fortunate enough to have discovered this - which is probably why the rest of us get goose bumps when we hear their story!

jayden's christening

One of the best parts of having lots of family and friends is that you have a huge smorgasbord board of inspiration to draw from. A few weeks ago we went to little Jayden's christening.

Mariana is so radiant. A natural knockout and then you place Jayden in her arms and she somehow radiates even more beauty if that's at all possible! The way she loves that boy is captivating. 

The passion, the time, the effort she put into planning Jayden's christening...we'll you could clearly tell it was her way of whispering to her boy "you mean the world to us".

It was such a beautiful day - such a great party. I couldn't stop smiling on the drive home. I was so happy for Mariana, I think every mum has a list of dreams she holds in her heart of things she'd like to do for her child - seeing friends live out their dreams makes my heart swell up with joy!!

yep I hit the jackpot

Have I told you recently how incredible you are?

I love watching you on stage on a Sunday, I love watching the way you interact with people, the way you make them light up. 

I love that you are a mans man and yet feel completely comfortable getting down on all fours to make Lily light up.

I truly adore you Jarrod. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to be considered a close friend of yours...and it completely blows my mind that I get to be your wife!

melbourne and graffiti lanes

I was driving home the other night and thinking to myself how long it's been since I've caught up with Lucie - why do friends have to live so far away!

I found these from our last trip to Melbourne.

honeymoon series: santorini

So much for enjoying my freedom after study. I've had a hot cup of lemon and honey in hand all week as I've been coughing and splattering from one meeting to another at work. Oh winter how I love you.

You're still at work plugging away at your reports - hope it's all going ok.

Here is a little post to cheer you up on the train trip home.

I can't believe this was nearly 7 years ago. How crazy is that! Santorini I hope we meet again.

A few memories:

1. We got to Santorini a day late because of the bad weather. I remember how excited I was when we saw the island. I remember literally pinching myself and then pinching you!

2. I remember we had to find some guy named 'George' at the dock when we arrived, he was going to take us to our accommodation. That's all they gave us, 'his name is George'. We arrived at the dock and there were people everywhere!

3. Having dinner with you at the little restaurant near our apartment. The incredible view, the moussaka and the random Australian gum tree!

4. I remember having our first argument as a married couple by the pool side. We had been sun backing for about 20 minutes and we'd talked about possibly going to visit Oia later in the afternoon. The conversation when something like this:

You: "I think it's probably time we go check out Oia"
Me:"I'd really rather sit here and sun bake"
You: "I really think we should check it out, that couple said it was really lovely"
Me: "Seriously...we've walked around most of the island and I can't see how it could be any different"
You just looked at me with those big eyes of yours
Me: "Fine...I'll get dressed"

I was so grouchy - all I wanted to do was sit there and sun bake for the rest of the afternoon.

I remember walking around Oia completely captivated.

Lesson learnt: Always listen to J, the guy knows his stuff! 

That was a lesson worth learning early on - it's served me well for nearly 7 years!

More of the honeymoon series, herehere and here

goodbye study...hello social life

It's finished.

Last exam done = I get my life back

Now that is an equation I'm happy about :D

Hello weekends - it's been a while. Hello social life - oh how I've missed you!!

I remember writing this post a few weeks after starting the course, studying and working full time is painful, oh so painful.

I didn't think I had it in me to do this course. I'm so thankful that you and others disagreed. There really is no substitute for conquering a challenge you once thought was beyond you. I may or may not have been humming Eye of the Tiger to myself as I walked out of the exam on Friday and there may or may not have been a few air fist pumps in the car park.
Honey - thank you for loving and supporting me the way you do. Thank you for seeing my potential and for constantly encouraging me to dream bigger dreams.

celebrating caroline & james

Every bride wishes she could wear her wedding dress again - right?

 Well it turns out all you have to do is get married in England and then throw another party when you get back to Sydney for everyone who couldn't make it!

James, Caroline - at the expense of stating the obvious, you two make a stunning couple!! 
Thank you for letting us share this night with you both.

The largest {not to mention tastiest} paella I've ever!
I think James was showing us his signature dance move??
I think this was Caroline showing James her dance moves. I love the way he's looking at her - so sweet.
Good work Em...just blurry enough to make me look like I have a flawless complexion :P
The stunning couple. Congratulations guys!