a tale of two hearts

honeymoon series: santorini

So much for enjoying my freedom after study. I've had a hot cup of lemon and honey in hand all week as I've been coughing and splattering from one meeting to another at work. Oh winter how I love you.

You're still at work plugging away at your reports - hope it's all going ok.

Here is a little post to cheer you up on the train trip home.

I can't believe this was nearly 7 years ago. How crazy is that! Santorini I hope we meet again.

A few memories:

1. We got to Santorini a day late because of the bad weather. I remember how excited I was when we saw the island. I remember literally pinching myself and then pinching you!

2. I remember we had to find some guy named 'George' at the dock when we arrived, he was going to take us to our accommodation. That's all they gave us, 'his name is George'. We arrived at the dock and there were people everywhere!

3. Having dinner with you at the little restaurant near our apartment. The incredible view, the moussaka and the random Australian gum tree!

4. I remember having our first argument as a married couple by the pool side. We had been sun backing for about 20 minutes and we'd talked about possibly going to visit Oia later in the afternoon. The conversation when something like this:

You: "I think it's probably time we go check out Oia"
Me:"I'd really rather sit here and sun bake"
You: "I really think we should check it out, that couple said it was really lovely"
Me: "Seriously...we've walked around most of the island and I can't see how it could be any different"
You just looked at me with those big eyes of yours
Me: "Fine...I'll get dressed"

I was so grouchy - all I wanted to do was sit there and sun bake for the rest of the afternoon.

I remember walking around Oia completely captivated.

Lesson learnt: Always listen to J, the guy knows his stuff! 

That was a lesson worth learning early on - it's served me well for nearly 7 years!

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