a tale of two hearts

jayden's christening

One of the best parts of having lots of family and friends is that you have a huge smorgasbord board of inspiration to draw from. A few weeks ago we went to little Jayden's christening.

Mariana is so radiant. A natural knockout and then you place Jayden in her arms and she somehow radiates even more beauty if that's at all possible! The way she loves that boy is captivating. 

The passion, the time, the effort she put into planning Jayden's christening...we'll you could clearly tell it was her way of whispering to her boy "you mean the world to us".

It was such a beautiful day - such a great party. I couldn't stop smiling on the drive home. I was so happy for Mariana, I think every mum has a list of dreams she holds in her heart of things she'd like to do for her child - seeing friends live out their dreams makes my heart swell up with joy!!