a tale of two hearts

make your own magnum...what?

I was trying to work out what order to post the NY photos in. I think I've decided I'm just going to post whatever I want whenever I want - such a rebel I know.

So for today, let me take you back to my all time favourite park in New York, Bryant Park (more on the park in another post).

We spotted a little wooden hut with the word "magnum" on it's roof. Something seemed a bit out of place "Why exactly do the people in the hut have aprons on?"
 So we walked over to work out what was going on. I took one look at the board...
...and instantly turned to you. Our eyes said the same thing "we have to make one!"

I will forever call this our "make your own magnum...what??" moment. 

So off we went and had our perfect magnum created right before our eyes. A classic chocolate coat with crushed caramel sugar pieces, chocolate cookie crumbs and sea salt flakes.
Ohh...wow...it was sooooo good.

The only disappointing thing about this experience was the answer I got from the guy who served us "sorry - this is the only one...we only opened up a few days ago". I remember thinking..."Ohh New York - you can't keep something this good for yourself. It has to be shared with the world!" 

J - I have some amazing news for you. I just discovered they've opened up a magnum pleasure store in Sydney!