a tale of two hearts

a birthday boy with two cakes

I was in Canberra the day before your birthday this year and wasn't sure if I'd be home in time for dinner, so you decided to invite a few friends over for pizza on the Wednesday night.

I managed to get an early flight home and surprise you at your mexican birthday lunch in the city.

On the train home you mentioned that Amy had offered to make you a birthday cake for dinner that night. I have no idea what the look on my face said but I remember trying to hide my reaction. I'd spoken to Sharon a few days earlier and she knew I might not make it to your birthday dinner so she offered to make you a surprise birthday cake.

That little mix up says so much about who you are and how much you mean to those around you.

Happy birthday Mr Wonderful.

(Sorry these are a little late)
How many men get two birthday cakes!! You are a rather exceptional man!!
 I love this image...it's pretty much you saying "I'm having a piece of this one too Amy!"

This night was hilarious. I can't remember the last time I've laughed so much that I needed to go get tissues to wipe away tears! Amy and Zac were on fire. How lucky are we to have such talented, smart, generous and incredibly hilarious friends...oh how I love them all!!