a tale of two hearts

lazy morning in washington square

This was one of my favourite days in NY.

It started off with a long lazy morning in Washington Square. Oh how I love doing nothing with you...
...followed by lunch at Minettas Tavern...
[remember what the lady next to us said "this is a hot ticket" I can still hear her strong NY accent when I think about it, made me laugh then and it makes me laugh now!]
[Was it just me or did it feel a bit like Nania when we had to walking in through that velvet curtain!]
...we then wondered home from Greenwich Village to West Village...
[Stumbled across this place and booked tickets to a comedy show for later in the week...soooo glad we got them!!]
[Christoper Park, West Village]
...and then we headed home to get ready for the 4th July fire works! Wow, yeah, now that night I'll never forget!