a tale of two hearts

no map, no plans

Our first day in New York - we woke up slightly jet lagged, got dressed and walked out the door empty handed, ready to explore, no map, no plans. 

That there probably one of the best things about NY.

A few memories: breakfast at the bus stop cafe where I ate my first ever NY bagel (turned out to be my favourite bagel place in NY); wondering through SoHo (of which I managed to get 0 photos of, clearly a little distracted!), stumbling across little Italy and China town; lunch in little Italy (where the waiter looked like he was out of The Sopranos, correction all the wait staff looked like they were out of The Sopranos at that place); watching the Pride Parade; trying to cross the Pride Parade, with no success; ducking into a wine bar while the rain cleared; ordering tea, sangria and a beer (who drinks sangria and a tea at the same time!); meeting that dude from my kitchen rules at the wine bar; getting band-aids for my blisters (sooo much walking); bass guitar shopping; spotting that massive cookie; devouring said massive cookie....I can't remember what we did for dinner? Was this the day we got home and thought we'd have a 'quick nap' before dinner and woke up the next morning?? I suspect so.