a tale of two hearts

thoughts and paris

A few random thoughts...accompanied with pictures of Paris.

I heard about a really sweet wedding proposal today. He'd proposed in Paris on this bridge.
Of all the places in Paris he chose this one for her - so sweet, well thought out and understated. 
If you get to the heart of it, a proposal is essentially a gesture to say, I want you on my team, I want to be on your team - for life. No plan B. I want us to do this crazy thing called life - together. 
So the minute he got down on that knee, the minute she said yes - is the moment they both threw that key set away...such a simple and powerful gesture, such a sweet way to propose.
We got home today and there was another beautiful bunch of flowers waiting at the door for us - the thoughtfulness of our friends undoes me.
I think a lot about perspective...I'm so aware of the choices available to me when I'm holding my camera, I get to frame the mood and tone of how something will be remembered, by simply choosing what I focus my lens on.
Perspective - the older I get the more I realise that those that master the art hold an incredibly powerful weapon against the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" that life throws them. 
So speaking of perspective - remember exploring Paris together - how incredible was that :)
Eating Berthillon ice cream - one of my many happy places in Paris.
...oh and then there was this moment. 
Me in one of those electronic toilets on the side walk...I was just about to sit down....and the door magically opened up. 
Pure panic!
I laughed so hard - I was moments away from being caught with my pants down.
And you somehow managed to have your finger on the trigger just at that moment...your timing - impeccable! 
More pic's of Paris here.